Walnut Bottoms


Walnut Bottoms is a partner project between the Joplin Trails Coalition and the city of Carthage.  

Over the past couple months I have been getting involved with an emerging trail project in Carthage called Walnut Bottoms. It’s a walking/running/mountain bike trail that winds it’s way through some beautiful bottomland forest along Spring River.  It has been fun and interesting, particularly seeing how it works and how much effort they have put in to make a project like this a reality.

This trail, like many others has it’s own unique set of challenges in addition to the obvious one of simply acquiring land and building and maintaining a functioning trail.  Most, if not all of the land is subject to periodic flooding, after which the trail may be wet or muddy for a period of time and covered with trees and other flood debris. It also means some areas are perpetually soft and muddy, so that is something to work around. A challenge to trails that I have never really understood is opposition from adjacent landowners – this trail has some of that as well.

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