Trail Run offers locals chance to see potential

02/14/2014 06:39
Just north of Carthage is a 27-acre area of potential.
The floodplain where North Garrison Avenue forks with Spring River is known as Walnut Bottoms. The area is underdeveloped, and Brady Beckham is excited to host an event there in March to raise funds to develop a trail for mountain biking, hiking and trail running. The event is advertised as a five-mile trail run, slated for March 8, but Beckham says everyone is invited.
“The event is free and we won't have any awards for the winners,” he said. “It's not about the competitive who beats who, but it's a chance for the locals to get out and walk the course, bring your dogs on leashes, bring families and enjoy a beautiful day in the woods in March.”
Supporters of the Walnut Bottoms are teaming up with the Joplin Trails Coalition to add an inviting trail north of Carthage. Funds donated to the trail will be used to purchase a trail design in order to best utilize the land; and in the future, a foundation that will help maintain the trail. Beckham, a cyclist and Carthage resident since 2007, says it will be a credit to the region.
“It's a really pretty area,” Beckham said. “It's beautiful in the ice; there's tons of wildlife – especially for so close to town. Yet it's secluded. Anytime you see an area like this the people of Carthage can enjoy it, use it for exercise, go walk and relax, or take the kids out for a hike. And from a commerce point of view, trail running is growing in popularity. People drive from miles away to compete in races, so you host an event and have visitors staying in hotels and eating in our restaurants – just another great avenue to bring people to the area.”
The event will start at 9 a.m. March 8 at Walnut Bottoms Trail. For more information, visit

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