Of Interest to You

This is a partial list of mostly local clubs, groups, trails, annual rides/walks/runs and weekly rides/walks/runs. These events and groups are subject to change without notice.  Please visit the website provided for more information.  Please email us if you would like your event/club listed.



Dogwood Trailblazers (Joplin)  www.sites.google.com/site/dogwoodtrailblazers/

Joplin Roadrunners www.joplinroadrunners.com/

KanBikeWalk  www.kanbikewalk.com/

Kansas Cyclist www.kansascyclist.com

Metro Green KC/MO/KS www.marc.org/metrogreen/

Missouri Bicylce and Pedestrian Federation  mobikefed.org/

Oklahoma Bicycle Society oklahomabicyclesociety.com/

Ozark Greenways www.ozarkgreenways.org/

Rails to Trails Conservancy www.railstotrails.org/index.html

Rufus Racing  www.rufusracing.com/

Trail Link, Rails to Trails Conservancy  www.traillink.com/




23rd Street Bike Park Pittsburg KS   www.pittks.org/index.aspx?nid=408

Frisco Highline Trail (Springfield MO) www.friscohighlinetrail.org/

Frisco Trail Fayetteville, AR  www.accessfayetteville.org/government/parks_and_recreation/trails_and_greenways/frisco_trail.cfm

Hiawatha Trail (ID/MT)  www.ridethehiawatha.com/

KC Riverfront Heritage Trail (KC) kcrivertrails.org/

Silver Comet GA/AL  www.silvercometga.com/

Wildcat Glades Conservartion (Joplin) www.wildcatglades.audubon.org/


Photo Gallery: Local Trails/Groups