Trail Commandments


The 11 Trail Commandments


For Safe & Courteous Use Of Our Trails

  1. Bicycles and Pedestrians Only. 
  2. Pets Must Be On 4 Foot Leash; Owners, Please Remove All Waste!
  3. Keep To The Right, Except To Pass.
  4. Bicyclists, Sound Warning Before Passing Pedestrians.
  5. Bicyclists Yield To Pedestrians -- "Wheels Yield To Heels!"
  6. Look Both Ways And Yield At Street Crossings.
  7. No Alcoholic Beverages Or Tobacco Products Of Any Kind To Be Used On Trail.
  8. Stay On The Trail -- Please Respect Property Rights Of Trail Neighbors.
  9. Please Do Not Litter.
  10. Trail Open During Daylight Hours Only.
  11. No Hunting Allowed.